Glimpses Of Yesteryear's

On 7th November'2020 A Virtual CVC Reading Workshop via zoom was conducted wherein the tricks and techniques were shared to make the child read the words easily with the help of phonics. It was very knowledgeable and useful workshop conducted by LKG teachers. Parents attended the workshop with great enthusiasm.The workshop started with the importance of LSRW Skills followed by phonic sound drilling session.The correct way to read CVC words using phonic sound was demonstrated along with different reading strategies.This workshop facilitated the parents to learn and know a new way to read CVC words. Parents noted the important points and thier queries were resolved. The workshop ended on a positive note that practice makes one a good reader.

" Your intellect may be confused but your Emotions will never lie to you. " Emoji's are digital pictures which shows our emotions or reactions. Today Emojis have become a part of our day-to - day life. Using an Emoji while texting is better way to make any conversation or communication interesting. Our UKG kids also celebrated World Emoji Day on 19th of July '21. It was a virtual celebration. The event was started by showing Cartoon Character Doremon, followed by a song 🎼 .Different Situations were given to the kids, to which they expressed their feelings by making happy, sad,and angry faces.