Principal's Desk

Dear Kindergarten Parents

Welcome to our exciting experience of dynamic learning at Westwind Kindergarten! You would be astounded at the amount of sustainable learning that will take place here. Working with our young bonny tots is one of the most heart-warming, gratifying experiences, that our team of passionate, caring and experienced educators, is blessed with. Westwind Kindergarten is at the forefront of early childhood educational development and provides a happy, safe and stimulating environment for our curious, eager learners to build values, bonds of friendship and personal growth. Children are highly imaginative and creative beings with inquisitive minds and eagerness to explore, thus, seeing the wonder and beaming smiles of our young scholars every day, when they make connections while learning a new skill or a concept for the first time, is one of the greatest joys indeed! Watching them dance, sing and play happily, race around in our courtyards, with their laughter ringing through the air, is what makes our job worthwhile and meaningful. We truly believe that each child is a unique individual; they have varied personalities, abilities, interests and modes of learning. We intend for quality kindergarten education to nurture every child so that they become happy, healthy, positive and proactive and achieve his or her very best.

Please feel free to drop by and explore what our school has to offer. I would love to meet you and answer any questions you have concerning our programs and what we can do to help your child develop to his or her fullest potential. Warm Regards

Westwind Kindergarten School Bhopal