Recent Activities

Numbers are cool*🤘🏻

Little Mathematicians 👫

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the dental check-up at our Westwind Kindergarten & Bal Bhawan School for Grade Nursery to Grade 2, by People's Dental Academy. 

The initiative aimed to assess and promote oral health among our young learners.


The dental check-up, conducted on 31/01/24 and 01/02/24 involved thorough examinations for each child, and we are happy to report positive overall outcomes. The cooperation of both students and staff made the process smooth and effective.

👫Junior School Annual Day💃🕺

On 20th January ' 24 Saturday, Bal Bhawan School and Westwind Kindergarten celebrated their *Junior School Annual Day* . Students of Grade Nursery to Grade 5 participated in it . The Annual Function celebration was centred around the theme "Nurture The Nature". The event featured delightful performances by students , emphasizing the significance of environmental conservation. Through engaging plays, dances and skit plays, the young participants conveyed a strong message about preserving and appreciating the natural world. The celebration successfully blended education with entertainment leaving a lasting impact on both students and parents.


The LKG students embarked on an exciting adventure to the Manav Sangrahalay Museum on 1st December . The museum proved to be a treasure trove of knowledge, offering the little ones a glimpse into the past through a collection of ancient instruments, utensils, and depictions of traditional ways of living. The children were captivated by the tangible connection to history, as they explored artifacts that spoke volumes about the diverse cultural tapestry of our ancestors.


The excursion was more than just a visit; it was a journey of discovery that left a lasting impact on the young minds. As the LKG students returned, their eyes lit up with newfound curiosity and appreciation for the rich heritage that shapes our present. The experience not only broadened their understanding of history but also ignited a sense of pride and respect for the cultural roots that bind us together.


*Wheels ğŸ›ž on the Bus 🚌 go round and round* 


The *UKG* and *Nursery* students from *Westwind Kindergarten* embarked on an educational excursion to the *Regional Museum on December 15th, 2023*. Their visit was brimming with excitement as they encountered a diverse array of artifacts âŒ›ğŸª†ğŸªž and cultural objects ğŸŽ¯ğŸª•ğŸŽ²ğŸŽ·on display. Additionally, they immersed themselves in a nature-themed movie that expanded their understanding of the natural world.🐅🐵🦁


During this enriching experience, the children👫👬 explored nature,🌳🌴🍄 fostering spontaneous learning opportunities, while also cultivating their social skills by sharing lunch🍔🧇🥪 with their classmates. It was a day filled with joy☺️ and fulfillment for our young learners.


            💃*Kiddie Dreamland :*

 ğŸŽ­*A Pyjama Party Extravaganza!*ğŸŽ†


A delightful Pyjama Party was organized, on Saturday, 9th December '23, for Nursery children, adding a spark of fun to their usual school routine. Dressed in their most charming pyjamas and clutching their beloved stuffed toys, the children reveled in this special occasion.


To enhance the festivity, delicious cookies were served, and the kids enjoyed a movie together. Additionally, a visit to a fun zone amplified the excitement where they engaged in listening to captivating stories, relishing snacks, and relishing moments of joy with their friends.


The Pyjama Party aimed to encourage independence and foster social connections among the children. Witnessing their sheer delight and enthusiasm was truly heartwarming. 😊🦋


Dear Parents,

*Our little scientists👨‍🔬👩‍🏫 of UKG did an engrossing float and sink activity* on *2nd December '2023*

The Classroom was buzzing with excitement. *This is a great activity for the kids to experiment and observe which objects float or sink and why.*ğŸƒğŸ‚ğŸ§±ğŸ“¦ğŸŽˆğŸ¥„

It was a fun-filled methodology that enables the child to promote scientific thinking, observation and reasoning through *Experiential Learning*


*Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas 💡to the world* 



📍Our tiny stars had a story telling competition on *29/11/23 Wednesday* with lots of enthusiasm and excitement.



📍The day commenced with lots of stories. It was an amazing delight to see them participating in the competition. They communicated their thoughts and feelings with the help of their *props*🤡😸👑🐸🦙🕊️🦄 . 

They learnt how to solve problems with a *positive attitude* and inculcate 💬💭 wisdom and willingness to communicate in a better way*   


*Story telling is the oldest form of education. It inculcates the power of imagination , enhances vocabulary, listening ğŸŽ§ skills, sharpen memory and verbal fluency in our tiny tots* .


*"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."*

A fancy dress competition was organized on October *31st, 2023*, aimed at educating our *UKG students* about the *items we derive from plants like fruits, vegetables,🥦🥕🌽🫑 and healthy foods. This engaging activity not only combined learning with enjoyment but also fostered confidence among the students as they spoke in front of their peers. The event focused on enhancing the understanding of young minds about various plant-derived items and nutritious foods through vibrant costumes representing different fruits, vegetables, and healthy dishes. Overall, it was a delightful learning experience, broadening their knowledge about the diverse products obtained from plants and the importance of healthy eating.



*"Embracing the Genius: Celebrating National Mathematics Day"*


Today, on the 5th of December 2023, we commemorated *National Mathematics Day*.


Honoring the legacy of the self-taught mathematical prodigy from India, Shri Shrinivas Ramanujan. His life exemplifies the significance of curiosity and a fervent pursuit of knowledge.


At Westwind, our young learners from Grade Nursery to UKG, engaged in grasping the concepts of counting and comparing , shape quest or sorting of objects through a number of fun activities. This interactive session involved active participation using special playing cards and a variety of different objects to hone the skills further ♦️. It was an extremely interesting day as our kids learnt the complex concepts of Math 

through fun indoor and outdoor acti19:14:58vities.


🪄"Enriching education alone isn't sufficient; 🪄

children need sunshine☀️, freedom, and playtime🛝. Picnics🌅 stand as one of the most thrilling activities cherished by kids👶🏻, providing a delightful break from their daily routines and infusing variety into their lives. To inject charm and refreshment into the nursery's routine, the bright🤯 minds of our school 🏫were treated to an 'In-house school picnic' right in the school's backyard. The children were brimming with excitement and joy 😍for this outing.


Upon arrival, our little ones enjoyed their lunch eagerly.🍴 They energetically explored the natural surroundings🌿, finding immense delight in the experience. The day was wonderfully spent singingğŸŽ¤, dancing,💃 playing games👾, and engaging in lively interactions with each other."🥳🤩


*Dressing up isn't just about putting on a costume ; it's about stepping into an adventure.*


Westwind Kindergarten organized a *Fancy Dress Competition for LKG* , on *28th November '23.* 

 It was a burst of colors ğŸŽ‰ and giggles as little ones embodied cherished cartoon characters. From a Doremon infectious laughter, superheroes in action to Elsa's magical grace, each child lit up the stage. The event wasn't just about costumes; it was a canvas of creativity, a celebration of childhood fantasies. 

In the end, every child emerged as a winner as they got to showcase their costumes and perform in front of an audience and carried a heart full of magical memories.

Story Time

*Story time for preschoolers is a magical experience filled with colorful tales and imaginative adventures.* It's a time when little ones gather around, wide-eyed and eager, as they embark on journeys through enchanting worlds, meeting whimsical characters and learning valuable lessons along the way.

On 25th of November '23 our LKG kids thoroughly enjoyed the story of "The Hungry Caterpillar"🐛 through which they learnt about healthy/ unhealthy food items and also integrated it with numbers and colours. The joy of storytelling fosters a love for language, sparks creativity, and creates special moments that children carry with them as they grow.


*"Poetry ğŸŽ· is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.”* 


 *Westwind Kindergarten* organized a *Rhyme Recitation Competition* , on *22th November 2023,* for the students of *Nursery* . 

 As our little munchkins recited ğŸŽº rhymes, they displayed the art of speaking with voice modulation, expression, confidence, and actions. 

Our sharp learners experienced the rhythm of a language in an interesting way. These Rhymes have always been a great contributor to our kids' happiness too! 😁 🥳



*Pink ' is the colour🦩💐🪷 of nurture, loveğŸŒ·ğŸ©ğŸŽˆ and compassion.It evokes feeling of comfort,ğŸŽ€ warmth and hope*.



Our tiny tots of Westwind Kindergarten had pink day celebration ğŸŽˆon *(09/11/23) Thursday* with lots of enthusiasm and excitement.



The day commenced with a special assembly themed around the colourğŸŽˆ pink. It was an amazing delight to see them, participating in various interesting sessions and activities and learn Vocabulary🌷🦩 related to pink colour.


*There is no elevator,to success. You have to take the stairs*


Learning about *CVC Words* is an important tool in phonics as it can help 🤝children with **reading, writing and rhyming**three phoneme words.

    It was so much fun to delight *LKG*👧👦children with CVC Words Activity with vowel (a/e). 

This activity of CVC Words enhanced ğŸŽ‰the phonemic awareness, blending and writing skills of our tiny tots.💫 Overall it was a great and fun filled🪄 learning activity for them.✨


Rhyme-tastic Adventure: LKG Stars Shine Bright!"

 The Rhyme Recitation Competition on the 30th of October '23, for LKG students, at Westwind Kindergarten, was an enchanting display of young talent, creativity, and imagination. These little stars took center stage, dressed as characters from their chosen English rhymes and brought props that added a delightful touch to their performances. It was a delightful sight to see these tiny tots express themselves through the magic of rhyme.

*Teaching Math through pre-number concepts can make it more engaging and interesting for kindergarteners, fostering a positive attitude towards Mathematics.*

Our young learners of LKG explored different sizes, shapes and texture of *leaves* ☘️🍀🍃🍂🍁🌿through Nature walk in the adventure zone. They learned these concepts by sorting the leaves on basis of their shape, size and colour. It was an interesting activity for them as it encouraged logical thinking and reasoning abilities in our young learners.  

Thus ; these pre- number concepts have practical applications in a child's daily life, from counting objects to understanding quantities, shapes, and patterns.

A crucial activity and a great way to foster math readiness.

*Play and Learn method is the best way to make a concept clear with Kindergarten kids*

An integrated Activity of *EVS :Types of Plants 🪴🌳🌴🌱 and Maths : Ordinal Numbers 1st ,2nd.....* was held in the backyard of our school premises , in which kids were able to identify which type of plant is on first position ,which is on second position and so on till tenth position as well as taught them about the parts of plants.

*It was a fulfilled activity, children enjoyed a lot their concepts got cleared in play and learn method*

*Annual Junior Athletic Meet: A Celebration of Virtue and Sportsmanship!*


On *21st October '23, Saturday, *The Annual Sports Junior Athletic Meet* was a vibrant and eagerly awaited event at *Westwind Kindergarten and Bal Bhawan School,* where the youngest members of our academic community came together to celebrate their athletic abilities and the spirit of sportsmanship.


This event served as a platform for students in the junior grades from, *Grade Nursery to Grade 5*, to showcase their athletic talents in a variety of sports and fun activities. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and excitement as these young athletes participated in a range of events tailored to their age and abilities.

*The Junior Athletic Meet* included varied obstacle races, relay races, sack races, and other engaging games that cater to the energy and enthusiasm of the junior students. 

At Westwind Kindergarten and Bal Bhawan School, these events are designed not just to foster physical fitness but also to teach valuable life skills like teamwork, determination, and fair play.


Students and teachers came together to cheer on the young athletes, creating a supportive and encouraging environment. It was a day filled with laughter, camaraderie, and a sense of achievement as every child is celebrated, whether they win a race or simply give their best effort. 


🤩 *Each child is blessed with talents which are unique.* 🤩


🥳To bring out these hidden talents, a *Fancy Dress Competition* was organised for the students of *Nursery* in 🥳 *WESTWIND KINDERGARTEN on 27th October, 2023*.


🔸This fancy dress ğŸš•ğŸš™ğŸš—ğŸšŒğŸšŽğŸŽï¸ğŸ›»ğŸšğŸš‘âœˆï¸ğŸ›©ï¸ğŸ›¬competition not only brought out the creativity and ingenuity of the parents , but also provided the little ones an opportunity, to light the stage on fire🔥 with their wonderful attire of different means of transport ğŸ›©ï¸ğŸ›«âœˆï¸ğŸ›³ï¸ğŸš˜ğŸšğŸš™ğŸšŒğŸšŽğŸš‘ğŸšğŸš’. They also learnt to overcome their hesitation and developed a sense of confidence to face the audience. 


📌 It is always a pleasure to watch the toddlers dressed up as different charactersğŸš—ğŸš•ğŸš™ğŸšŒğŸšŽğŸŽï¸ğŸš“ğŸš‘ğŸš’ğŸšğŸš¡âœˆï¸ğŸšğŸš† and building up their speaking skills .


📍Our exceptional kids rocked the stage and enjoyed the activity.🥳

The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.”

A Storytelling Session titled 'Pencil and Eraser'  was organized for the students of LKG. The  narration took place on 27th October'23, Friday.

This impactful session successfully engaged our  curious listeners,  delivering an entertaining and exciting narrative. It underlined the significance of collaboration, creativity, and the ability to learn from mistakes. The event was well-received and left a lasting impression on our students as it taught them the significance of collaboration,  creativity and the ability to learn from mistakes.  It was an insightful and engaging event to convey valuable life lessons.

🗣 Education isn't complete without life skills. It's what transforms knowledge into wisdom.

🤩It’s indeed a big milestone for our little munchkins 👦🏻 when they learn how to button their own shirt👕👔.

Our curious kids 😃learnt buttoning and unbuttoning of a shirt 👕 while they felt all grown up and important. 👔

Their delicate little hands🤌used  intrinsic strength to hold the button and push it through the button hole. This activity was relevant in enhancing their fine motor skills✨as well as qualities like patience and perseverance.  Children thoroughly enjoyed this fun activity.😃

In the world of sorting , kids become little detectives, uncovering hidden relationships and connections.  

Sorting objects together is an important cognitive skill.🪄and learning the letterğŸ†Ž sound and the letter name are important for reading and writing as well. ✍.

Children 👶of Nursery enjoyed the sorting activity of the letter 'J'. Where they got to Sort  pictures🖼 that begin with letter J 👩‍🏫. It proved to be a great way to help children learn about letter and its sound.✨ 

Different images of objects were used to let the child sort ,categorize and make sense of the things around them. 

It was a fun-loving and educational activity for our kids.🤩🥳


*WHERE DO THEY GO?*  ğŸ¤·‍♀️
A plane in the sky, âœˆï¸
A boat in the water.ʉݵ
Look up again,
To see the helicopter ğŸš
A train runs on track ğŸšŠ
A car on the road ğŸš™
Vans ğŸš , trucks ğŸ›» and lorries ğŸš›, all carry their load. 
Preschoolers love activities that include playing with all types of transportation items including vehicles such as car🚗 , trucks ğŸ›» , airplanes âœˆï¸ and more.
This topic is part of their everyday lives.
To help our kids👧 understand  that means of transport are different kinds of transport facilities used to carry people or cargo from one place to another ,we conducted various class activities on *12th of october* . Our little munchkins👦👧 of Nursery, did a  colouring and pasting activity for different means of transportation so that they can learn the concept very well.  ğŸš— âœˆï¸ğŸš˜ğŸš€ğŸš™ğŸš‚🚛Children were very enthusiastic to learn the  segregation of mode of transport by this fun activity as it aided them to understand the concept of  transportation and  different modes were also  explored by the Kids.👧

Teachers  ğŸ‘©‍🏫can change lives with just the right mix of chalks ğŸ“and Challenges🤛
Our tiny tots🧒🏻👩🏻 of *Westwind kindergarten* had a Pre- Teacher's ğŸ‘©‍🏫 Day Celebration on *04/09/23, Monday,*  which commenced with a special assembly ğŸ™at *Bal Bhawan's Central Courtyard*.
Students👥 from  *Nursery* and Grade *LKG* were brimming with loads of confidence when they got onto the stage to sing ğŸ‘©‍ğŸŽ¤a beautiful song to honour their loving teachers ğŸ‘©‍🏫
The enthusiasm and love for their educators that shone in children's eyes could not go unnoticed by all. 
Our toddlers shared the grand stage with Grade 1, equally confident dancers ğŸ‘¯‍♂️and performers🕺
Our little wonders👭  learnt about why we celebrate *Teachers day* which also  developed a sense of gratitude towards their facilitators👩‍🏫.

🐛🐢GREEN DAY CELEBRATION ğŸğŸ¥¬ğŸ¥¦*'Green ' is the colour of  life. It is associated with *nature*ğŸï¸ğŸŒ²ğŸŒ³ğŸŽ‹
 *health🍐🥑🥝, hope☂️ and ğŸ¥¦ğŸ¥¬ğŸ•ï¸growth*.
Our tiny tots of Westwind Kindergarten had Green Day Celebration🌳🌴🦚🦜🐢🐸  on  25/08/23,  Friday, with lots of enthusiasm and excitement . 
The Day commenced with a special assembly that had  songs and dance themed around the colour green. 
To make the day more  interesting, children participated in various activities such as leaf ğŸŒ¿ printing , ğŸŒ´ğŸŒ´  hand printing, and some more craft activities.
It was an absolute delight to see them participating in sessions like story telling,  watching amazing videos and learn  *vocabulary*ğŸŒ³ğŸ¥‘ğŸğŸ¥¬ğŸ«’ğŸ¥—ğŸ¥ŽğŸš™â›º related to  green colour.

🤍 *White colour stands for peace ,purity and innocence of light*
To infuse the concept of white colour ğŸ¤into our tiny toddlers,  Westwind Kindergarten, celebrated White Day  ğŸšğŸ¥šğŸ¼ğŸ¦­ğŸ•ŠğŸª¿ğŸ¦¢ğŸğŸ°ğŸ­ğŸ»‍❄️🐔 on
  2nd September '23,  Saturday, with lots of enthusiasm and excitement . 
The Day commenced with a special assembly that had  songs and dance themed around the colour White. 
To make the day amazing  and ğŸ˜ƒ  joyful,😄teachers had planned out activities with cotton balls, hand printing, and some more of craft work,  fun-filled games for our little munchkins👦👧 
👫Our students brought delectable food items of white colour💭 such as rice🍚,idli, upma🍛 and a variety of other foods like  sweets🍥🥪 or snacks🍙🍚 in their tiffin boxes. 
It was an absolute delight to see them participating in sessions like story telling and watching amazing videos that enriched their  *vocabulary*🤍💭🦷🦴👀🐏🐭🐰🐇🐁🐻‍❄️🐔🦢🪿🕊🦭🍼🥚🍚 related to  White colour.
It turned out to be a day full of excitement and profound   learning for our students.

*It's all about Stories*
✨Stories play📖 a vital role in the growth and development of children👶.
Keeping this in mind our Nursery teachers ğŸ‘©‍🏫organized story telling sessions under the tree. ğŸŒ³
 The books ğŸ“šthat were  read out to them and the characters they got to know became like friends. ğŸ‘« ğŸ—£
The story session was so immersive that It fuelled their imagination and the kids seemed to  get transported to another world full of wonders. 
📍🤗 The whole activity  helped them to know sounds and words, developed language skills and enhanced vocabulary too! ğŸŒˆ 

🤝 *Our Helpers* ğŸ¤
🔷  A wonderful session for our Westwind Kindergarteners commenced with a special assembly on , 16th August, with diverse  personalities like  soldier💂,gardener👨‍🌾, maid ğŸ§¹ driver🚌,electrician and nurse ğŸ‘©‍⚕️ taking part in it along with the children.  
Our kids had a wonderful time interacting with these great professionals. 
The little learners explored and experienced the important role these community helpers play in our life. 
They were amazed to learn  about different tools that are used by  our helpers and  were also made aware of safety rules along with clearing of doubts our tiny inquisitive minds had. 
Overall it was an informative and interactive💡 session wherein students ğŸ“Œ got to know about the hard work and the role of community helpers in making our community a better place to live'.

ğŸ¥ğŸ§…ğŸ¥žCommunity Helpers🌻🌹🌺
*Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile*ğŸ¥ğŸŽ‚ğŸ’ğŸŽğŸšğŸ¬ğŸ¥›ğŸ§ƒ
To enhance the knowledge about *community helpers* our little ones of *UKG* did a role play of different daily helpers such as *shopkeeper*,*chemist*,*fruiterer*,*vegetable seller* and *florist*.ğŸ›ğŸ›ğŸ›’ğŸŒ»ğŸ’ğŸŒºğŸŒ·ğŸ’ŠğŸ’ŠğŸ“ğŸŽğŸ‰ğŸ¥•ğŸ¥¬ğŸ¥¦
During this activity they  explored their environmentğŸŽªğŸ¢ and connected their *pre-existing knowledge* with their *new knowledge*.
 Our young toddlers of * UKG* learnt many things from this activity. This activity helped in the development of multiple skills at one go like *planning skills, fine motor skills, entrepreneurial skills,and social skills*. 
🌷🍓🛍💐🛒🌺🌻The children were excited   to see market  setup in their own school premises ,loved being the owners of the shops and the others  enjoyed being the customers.It was a fun filled day for our little learners.🛒🌺🌷🍓🍉🛍

✨ I'm Tommy Triangle✨
           ğŸ‘€  Look at me ğŸ‘€
       ğŸ”º Count my sides  ğŸ”º
    ğŸ¦‹ğŸ¦„There's 1-2-3! ğŸ¦‹ğŸ¦„
  We believe that Shapes are fun to learn🔺🟤◻️and their recognition is important at an early age.👶 
Our Nursery students were introduced to one of the essential shapes, that is,  Triangle ğŸ”ºï¸. The wonderful  session was woven with some fun activities like pasting origami sheets and exploring different triangle shaped things  around them. 
The young toddlers were  overjoyed to discover some amazing facts about the three sided figure.   ğŸ”ºï¸ 
These skills will certainly help our little ones provide a good foundation for geometry skills📐
🔺 â›ºï¸âš ï¸ğŸ .Our happy learners understood the concept very well and enjoyed the activity.🔺🤩

ğŸžï¸ *Field trips are not only lots of fun but they can also be very valuable learning  experiences for  young  ones.*
On 19th August '23, the students of *Nursery, WESTWIND KINDERGARTEN,  visited the neighbourhood ğŸ‘©ğŸ»‍✈️ *Police Station* ğŸ§‘🏻‍✈️ to understand the  functioning of the place ğŸ§‘🏻‍✈️ as an integral part of our learning experience.  
👦🏻The tiny tots were warmly welcomed by the Police Officers👩🏻‍✈️. The students also learnt about their ethos and working of the place.
 Initially, the kids entered the police station with serious faces but the friendly officers interacted warmly with them and put them at ease immediately🤩
Our curious kids asked several questions and the policemen ğŸ§‘🏻‍✈️were very happy to answer them. 
🤝  Following this was another brief trip provided by our school, to many places in their neighbourhood such as bank ğŸ’µ, hotel🏨,  grocery shop, vegetable shop🥬,  tailor shop , upper lake and waterfall, where they could explore and learn more outside the four walls of the classroom.  
Our little ones loved visiting their friendly neighbourhood places!

*Alphabets🔡 represent basic set of speech sound ğŸ”Šwhich our little toddlers ğŸ‘¦ğŸ»ğŸ‘§ğŸ»of LKG are learning everyday to develop language and literacy ğŸ”¡skills.* 
 *Alpha fun activity* was conducted for our learners through which they recalled phonic soundsğŸ†Ž with help of objectsğŸŽğŸ€ğŸˆğŸ¥šğŸŸğŸ‡ related to it.
Children🙂 were fascinated to place the objects according to the initial sounds🔊 produced by them.😃 It was great to see ğŸ¤©them learning and developing their language ğŸ†Žand literacy skills🔡 through this interactive ğŸ˜Ž activitiy.

 ğŸ˜Celebrating the Gentle Giants🦣

Our students of Grades LKG and UKG, celebrated Elephant Day on Saturday, 19th of August 2023. 

Our young toddlers🧒🏻👧🏻👦🏻 of Westwind Kindergarten learnt that elephants are big🐘 and gentle animals 🙂. They are known for their large size, long trunks, and big ears.  

Our tiny tots 👦🏻👧🏻 engaged in some interesting activities like story telling sessions,  making some cute  elephant crafts 👩‍💻along with beautiful drawings 👩‍ğŸŽ¨and watching  amazing videos on friendly,  wise beasts🐘.  

Children were fascinated to  discover things elephants like to eat🍌🌾. 

 Celebrating Elephant 🐘 Day was also relevant to all of us so that we appreciate these majestic animals and work together to ensure they have a safe and healthy future.✨

Indeed it was a mesmerizing experience for our little wonders .

A is for ant🐜

Who walks on land🛣️

B is for boy 👦

Whose name is Roy📛

C is for cat😸

Who chases a Rat🐀

D is for dog🐶

Who goes for a jog🐕 

🌟Learning about words and letters🔠 for preschoolers 👶is a novel thing. It’s a time when they’re learning so many new things in the worldğŸŒŽ The names of things and people around them can only begin when they know how to read letters and words.🔠We aim that our children  have strong letter recognition skills so that they are able to identify letters quickly and easily.🧩 It also helps them learn new words and increases their reading fluency📖.♦️To recognise letters Aa,  Bb and Cc our little wonders of nursery made apple , butterfly and a caterpillar by using their thumb and hands 🔺These activities helped them to gain various developmental skills that prepare preschoolers for letter identification. They were taking interest and enjoying while doing the activity🤩

ğŸžï¸ *Field trips are not only lots of fun but they can also be very valuable learning  experiences for  young  ones.*On 19th August '23, the students of *Nursery, WESTWIND KINDERGARTEN,  visited the neighbourhood 👩🏻‍✈️ *Police Station* 🧑🏻‍✈️ to understand the  functioning of the place 🧑🏻‍✈️ as an integral part of our learning experience.  ğŸ‘¦ğŸ»The tiny tots were warmly welcomed by the Police Officers👩🏻‍✈️. The students also learnt about their ethos and working of the place.Initially, the kids entered the police station with serious faces but the friendly officers interacted warmly with them and put them at ease immediately🤩. Our curious kids asked several questions and the policemen 🧑🏻‍✈️were very happy to answer them. ğŸ¤  Following this was another brief trip provided by our school, to many places in their neighbourhood such as bank 💵, hotel🏨,  grocery shop, vegetable shop🥬,  tailor shop , upper lake and waterfall, where they could explore and learn more outside the four walls of the classroom. ğŸ‘©ğŸ»‍✈️🧑🏻‍✈️👨🏻‍✈️Our little ones loved visiting their friendly neighbourhood places!

*"We don't own the planet Earth, we belong to it and we must share it with our wildlife."* 🦉🪼 🐶🐻🐯🐒🐆With the aim of enhancing the knowledge of our little ones of *UKG* about the different types of animals, the learning journey was taken a step forward with the Activity - *The Amazing World of Animals*,  🐶🐻🐯🐒where different models of farm🐄 ,water 🐳and jungle🌳 scenes with animals in it were created by the students of *UKG* with the help of their teachers.Children enjoyed making models as a team and had a fun time exploring the world of Animal Kingdom.🐷🐮🐆🐂It gave them an opportunity to learn amazing facts about these animals, which they tried to share during the activity.It was a wonderful learning experience gaining knowledge about their habitats with loads of fun too!ğŸ±ğŸˆğŸ‡ğŸ¦ğŸ¦ŠğŸ»ğŸ·ğŸ®ğŸ‚ğŸŽ

**Freedom in the mind,* *Faith in the words...* *Pride in our soul...* *Let's salute the Nation on* *this auspicious day.* India's 76th Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and respect at our Westwind Kindergarten.The whole premises was decorated reflecting the essence of national theme and fervor.  🦚The celebration took place in the Westwind courtyard with our tiny tots rejoicing and cherishing every moment of the event. The wonderful audience of eager learners got to know the meaning of Independence and freedom in their own simple and beautiful way.Our little performers put up a delightful show by singing  patriotic songs and presenting energetic dances. ğŸ¯They also participated enthusiastically in Art and Craft activities with great zeal followed and by an inspirational movie on symbols of India. 🏑On this pleasurable day, a sense of pride and happiness prevailed on the faces of our enthusiastic and keen learners.

⛈️💦💦💦*Rain is the nature's way of**adding sparkle to the outdoors*. 💧🌧️Thus with the aim of imparting experiential learning to the students and enhancing their knowledge about *Rainy season,* ⛈️💧the young kids of LKG celebrated the week between 31st July to 03rd of August on rainy season . The celebration began with  a *Story session* and a  *Tear and Paste* activity 📄☔☔which the children were very excited to do. They were asked to bring their raincoats and umbrellas☂️☂️as they went for a walk 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️in  the rain which turned out to be quite an adventure for our little ones.  📝✏️🖍  Our kids are always fascinated  by colours, hence a *Colouring Competition* was organised whereby  they put  in their colourful🌈imagination on paper. Children participated with great zeal and showed their strong sense of colours.The tiffins prepared by our dear parents contained a variety of mouth watering😋 eatables such as pakodas, corn🌽 ,plums, pears 🍐 and many more. They were able to talk, what they had in their tiffins. They  actively participated in singing songs ,too !ğŸŽ¤ğŸŽ¼ğŸŽ¹   ğŸ’§ğŸ’§ğŸ’§ *☔☔☔Overall it was a great and everlasting integrated learning experience week for students to enjoy.🥳🥳

ğŸŽŠ *“Friends are the most beautiful flowers in life’s garden!”* ğŸŽŠğŸ˜Friendship is important in life because it is one of the purest and kindest  relationships.To foster this thought, we, here at Westwind Kindergarten, helped our tiny tots 😺 make friendship bands💫 and greeting cards for their friends on the occasion of Friendship Day.They were delighted to make friends and in the process learnt quite a few friendship skills too. They had a chance of meeting other kids of their age with whom they can share, enjoy and create beautiful memories.  ğŸ”ºâ˜„️  They enjoyed doing the activities and were thrilled to exchange  their lovely friendship bands.🌸

✨Sammy SQUARE Is my name My 4 sides  Are all same* ✨Introducing your little learner to shapes was exciting 🤩for them. Learning shapes 🔺not only helped our children identify and organize visual information, it helped them learn skills in other curriculum areas including reading and math1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣. An early step in understanding numbers and letters is to recognize their shape▫️. Learning shapes also helped the kids  understand other signs and symbols❌❗. We have covered information like real life example of square 🗼, activities to teach our students  this particulqr shape.🤩: Our little wonders of nursery pasted ice cream sticks on lines and made a square .This activity helped them to develop their early math skill. They were super enthusiastic 🤩while doing the activity.🥳

📖*'This'*Our little learners of *UKG* did a fun classroom activity for learning the use of *'This'*.They used different objects from the class to complete the sentence.📖🖌🧴The concept of *'This'* became a lot of fun with the activity,they all wanted to keep different objects and enjoyed everytime a new object was kept.Through this activity each child became thorough with the use of *'THIS'*.📖

ğŸ–ŒğŸŽ¨ *It gives me such sense of peace to draw,more than prayer,walks or anything.**~Sylvia Plath*To make our little ones of *UKG* relax after exams they were taken out to our lush green backyard to draw and colour jungle,water and farm scenes.They drew their hearts out,they drew a variety of wild,water and farm animals and enjoyed to their fullest.It was a fun filled day for our little UKG artists.ğŸŽ¨ğŸ–Œ

LKG toddlers 👦👧had a fun and educational ğŸŽ“ activity today called " *Shapes Shuffle."*🟩🔺 🟤🟦⭐During this activity, they learnt to identify different shapes and placed them in their correct positions while naming them. The children developed various skills such as shape recognition, 🤓problem-solving, 🧠and language development. 🔡During lunch they also bought food items 🍱that corresponded to different shapes such as circles, 🫓triangles🍕, squares, ğŸžstars, 🍥 and rectangles🍫.They were thrilled😃 to find different shapes of food items in their tiffin boxes 🗃️This activity was a great way to engage the children while teaching them important skills and they were delighted 😀 with the unique shapes of their lunch items 😁

Global Tiger Day🐯, also known as the International 🐯Tiger Day🐯, is an annual celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation. To promote *'The International Tiger Day'* a special celebration was organised by the *WestWind Kindergarten*  for the youngest learners students of *Nursery to Grade 1* An engaging assembly was conducted for the children , where interesting facts about tigers 🐯 were shared . The children danced to the tune of a special song about tigers. 👦🏻 Various art integrated activities related to tigers were conducted in the classrooms and stories were narrated  .It was a day well spent on awareness to *save tigers*

*Emojis are essential to convey emotions effectively, something that words cannot always portray.*.The students of WestWind Kindergarten and Grade 1 celebrated Emoji Day on Saturday, July 15, 2023. 🙂😔😍 Our tiny tots celebrated this day with lots of enthusiasm and excitement.😁To make the day more inclusive, children participated in various activities,ğŸ—žï¸ and innovative games🪩. The activities were planned in class to enable the children 👶🧒to enhance their vocabulary by learning new words such as happy,😄 sad, 😔angry, 😡excited,🤩 and surprised.😃It was a day full of fun  and some light hearted joyful  moments.

The students of  WestWind😇 Kindergarten and Grade 1celebrated *Blue Day* on *Saturday 8th July 2023*. The colour *"BLUE"* that depicts calmness of sky and coolness of water was introduced in an interactive and lively way.The pleasant shades of blue added life, serenity and vigour to the campus. Confident tiny tots attired in the colour of sky and sea created waves of liveliness  and exhilaration.To make the activity more inclusive, children brought different objects 🧢 based on the theme. Students actively participated in interesting theme based games and activities like thumb painting, drawing, songs and stories. 🐋Blue Colour, which is a symbol of life, was explained to the little ones in a play way manner.🌏Deliberately planned in class activities enabled the little ones not only to learn innovative games but also  enhanced their vocabulary.

✨ *Yellow is the perceived colour of sunshine. It is associated with joy, happiness, intellect and energy* ✨🪄With an objective to recapitulate and reinforce the effects of yellow color,Yellow Day💛 & Summer Break Party🍺 was organised for the children of Westwind Kindergarten on *28th April'23 i.e Friday* . ğŸŽ‰âœ¨Cheerful Children👦🏻👧🏻 attired in yellow outfits were sparkling with optimism, enlightenment and happiness.They wore caps, hats and donned cool sunglasses. ğŸ˜ŽğŸ’›ğŸŸ¡ğŸ§¢ğŸ•¶ï¸ğŸ‘’âœ¨Beams of yellow shades carried the promise of a positive future flashing creative thoughts in the young minds👧🏻👦🏻.🪄They  brought edible food items of yellow colour such as bananas🍌, jelly🍮, poha🍲, sweet corn🌽, dhoklas, mangoes🥭, pineapple slices 🍍 and juices of yellow colour🧃🥤.😋🐥📒🚕✏️🌽🍋🧀🌻🪄To make the day enjoyable and joyful, 🤩 there was dance performance💃🏼where the little ones🕺  participated enthusiastically and rocked the stage. ğŸŽŠ 🥳They also enjoyed various fun-filled 🤹🏼‍♀️arts & craft activitiesğŸŽ¨ğŸ–Œï¸ like making *handcraft icecream*, 🍦 **ear bud printing* and *colouring mangoes* beautifully as their 'take aways'.🪄 They had an awesome Summer party.ğŸŽ‰ The day concluded by relishing the flavour of a cool ice-cream treat.🍧😋All the students were happy and enjoyed it to the fullest.😄🥰

📚Teach English, Read English, or Learn English.23rd April is not just the birthday of William Shakespeare, but it is also a day of language.With a firm belief in  'Knowledge of a language is a doorway to wisdom👶 the little ones 🧒of Westwind Kindergarten 🏫 celebrated  English Language Day with fun and fervour. 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫 Multiple activities related to the language like - ğŸŒŸğŸ‘¯ğŸŽŠğŸŽ‰Language Parade 🪅🤹‍♀️🌟🗣️🔠🔤 Introduction of  letters and their sounds🔡🚩🌟 Vowels and CVC words 🌟 *Poem Recitation* ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¤ğŸŽ¸ğŸŽ¹ğŸŽ»ğŸŽ·ğŸŽº- were held on the day.The celebration was both fun-filled and informative due to active participation and interaction between lively students and accomplished teachers. The objective of the school was to foster the idea that, "Language shapes the way we think and determines what we can think about"

*Suzy Circle**Big and round**All I do is* *Roll around*! Which is the one shape that is different from all the others? The circle! A circle 🔴 is not only an interesting shape but also extraordinary.Introducing children to shapes, especially circles 🔴, can be quite exciting and delightful at the same time.Our little munchkins of Westwind Kindergarten did tear and paste activity to learn 📜 the shape circle. 🔴. This simple activity 📜 helped children develop skills like, hand ✋ strength, hand ✋-eye 👀 coordination, precision and  refined movements. It was apt to generate interest in them.Our Nursery kids were very happy and enjoyed doing  the activity to the fullest.

✨Kids 👶🏻learn best when they don't know that they are learning. 🤫That is why it makes sense to use fun, age appropriate games👾 and activities to create awareness of body parts and to build their vocabulary. 🧠🧠</p>


<p>♦️This is our first step towards the knowledge of body parts💪. Our munchkins of nursery👶🏻 performed " *BODY BINGO ACTIVITY.*  

 In this activity they made use of different cut outs of body parts🚶. It helped them  develop a sense of body awareness.✨<br>

♦️ The activity was held under the guidance of nursery teachers..👩‍🏫👩‍🏫✨Children  participated eagerly and were over joyed while doing this activity.It helped them acquire skills while doing gross and fine motor skills activities too. 🤩

🐧 *Let's Huddle and Waddle with Webby Toes.*🐧🏤  The little ones of *Westwind Kindergarten* celebrated World Penguin Day on 25th April'23 , to raise  awareness about the conservation and protection of penguins and their habitats.Our littles ones were elated and awestruck to see these flightless birds that were put up by the teachers *World Penguin Day* is a day to appreciate and learn more about these unique and adorable   creatures that are loved by people all over the world.🐧🐧 👧👦The students enjoyed  the different related activities  and were super happy to know more about  the penguins. The awareness day ended with children waddling  and swaying to a penguin dance🐧🐧

It's not magic that takes us to another world, it's Storytelling! Story NarrationOne of the most famous stories The ant and the grasshopper was narrated to the little ones of L.K.G using hand puppets and cutouts which constituted an interesting part of the activity. The little wonders were delighted to know that they can learn so many good things from the characters of the story like the lazy grasshopper or the hardworking ant.The take aways from the story, were the life skills like to work  hard and to help others, which they are sure to incorporate in their lives. The tiny tots enjoyed being transported in a different world while listening to the story. It was indeed a fun filled session as  they recalled different objects and animals. It helped them in developing dramatic and listening skills

'Let's bloom together' Look in the mirror what do you see ❓ It's someone special Look it's me...."Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom"Starting a new school year with an 'All About Me' project is a popular learning strategy. It helps children to explore different aspects of themselves in a fun way and embrace themselves for who they are.Our toddlers of Nursery performed 'Let's bloom together' activity on 18th April 2023.The apt  use of  their individual photographs was instrumental in knowing each other.This activity helped students to gain confidence, create a classroom community⛓️ and develop positive relationships amongst themselves.They were delighted while doing the activity.

*See me walk* *See me run* *It’s my first day at school* *Full of  fun*.*See me smile* *See me laugh* *Goes up, till the sky**my happiness graph* There’s no better feeling for our Kindergarteners than walking  into the classroom on the first day of school with a beaming  smile on their faces .The children were  delighted to experience the new environment and make new friends.Our teachers & staff ensured that every child was made to feel nurtured , loved and safe in the conducive environment. The children got to play, draw, colour, sing songs and do many other  activities together . They were also delighted to pose for the photographs at the special selfie corners!The young learners played various other interesting games , listened to stories and also got to know one another.Here’s to many more such Fabulous, Happening Days Together !!!

Our little toddlers of Lkg enjoyed celebrating butterfly day . 🦋Just like butterfly has wings our little toddlers gave wings🦋 to their imagination🧠👧🏻👦🏻Children coloured butterfly beautifully with different colours 💚💛🧡❤️💜and show cased their creativity.It also developed their fine motor skills.💙The story of a butterfly made them very excited 😃😀as they were surprised to know how an crawling Caterpillar🐛 transforms in flying butterfly 🦋 .This developed their listening skills and observation. It also helped them to learn about numbers🔢 and development of  vocabulary . They had a very good time by singingğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµ butterfly rhyme. FLAP FLAP FLAPğŸŽ¼The day was well spent playing,laughing and being together. 🥰😃

*Colours of happiness and joy 🟠🟢🟣🟡🔵🔴 are the most beautiful colours of life!*✨Puzzle activities makes learning fun for kids. Our tiny tots 🧒🏻👧🏻👦🏻 of LKG performed a fun filled activity in which they sorted the puzzles according to their shapes 🔶🟥🔻, numbers and colours. They counted the number 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣5️⃣ of blocks and placed them correctly. This activity helped children develop visual sensory skills through recognition of colour, shape, number, as well as fine motor skills.✨

*No one is too old for Stories*  On our *TELL A TALE*🧚‍♀️Day UKG teachers narrated a story *“The Cap Seller 🧢👲and The Monkeys🐵🐒“* to our curious listeners.  Later on, our tiny tots did the enactment of this story followed by a craft activity.ğŸŽ­ğŸ“š Stories play a vital role in the growth and development of the children👫.  They are also a great way to introduce new words🤩 and ideas🤓 into a child's language as it boosts listening and speaking skills. The great thing about learning through stories🪄 is that the process is done in a natural way😇and craft activity too. Indeed, it was an immense pleasure🤗 to watch our little ones delving deep into the  inseparable  part of the learning process, communication and social interactions. .🤩

*A child's  first day handprint activity in  Nursery  is a special memory that he/she will always cherish. It marks the beginning of a child's journey into learning skills as well as socializing  with their peers.* 👦👧 Our little toddlers 👶🏻👧🏻of Nursery enjoyed hand-printing 🖐🏻activity at school on 5th of April 2023.   Under the supervision of  teachers, they dipped 😃their hands in various colourful paints ğŸŽ¨ and imprinted their palms on a chart paper. This creative activity was helpful in enhancing their imagination as well as their sensory awareness. Unity amongst the students was palpable while they learnt the value of working together.🤩🥳 🥰 It also developed their fine motor skills. 🧠🤩  Our toddlers were happy and comfortable doing this activity with lots of curiosity and a sense of wonder. 😃😄. 🤩🤩

🌟 *Health is the only wealth that we all want to earn *🌟🌍 *WORLD HEALTH DAY* is celebrated every year on  *7th April* to  emphasize the need to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.  Little toddlers of  *WESTWIND KINDERGARTEN* were sensitized 😃 to remain healthy by eating nutritious food, fruits ğŸŽğŸand vegetables🥦🥕🥒. They learnt all about  how to 🖐🏻 brush teeth🦷🪥 properly, eat  healthy food 🥗🍳and about cleanliness  and personal hygiene. 📍Teachers demonstrated usage of various things related to hygiene and health.💪🏻👧🏻👦🏻Children were mesmerised observing things.😄They were made aware about the importance of physical exercises 🙆🙆‍♂There were several activities🥰 such as *Dont Rush When You Brush🪥, Eat Right Be Right✅ ,Healthy wheel* ğŸ›žwhich were pursued in the respective classes to reiterate the importance of healthy eating habits and hygiene. Our👧🏻young minds🧠  learnt the importance of staying healthy  in  our life. The celebration🥳 fullfilled its objective of developing a deep understanding of the essential link between individual and collective health for a sustainable life.Hence it was a wonderful day.🤩

*As a child,we learn what we see.*👀⚡Our tiny tots🐾, are observing and learning through visualisation⚡from the moment they are born. When it comes to teaching our little wonders about opposites and mathematical ideas, the first place we start is by teaching them the difference  between large and small. Among the various activities conducted to explain the concept was a very unique classroom activity where our  Nursery kids printed🍃leaves of different sizes,that helped them🕵🏻‍♂️ understand the sizes big and small in a clearer manner.They  understood the concept well🌳 🌱 and also learned how 🤔 to differentiate between objects by using their sense organs.🕵🏻‍♂️

📐🔹🔷.🪄They enjoyed doing this activity with an artist's approach which involved a lot of creativity and some problem solving skills, too!!

✨ *Hands on activities give children a chance to practice what they are learning.🤹🏻‍♀️*✨✨Sense stimulation is the best way of enhancing a learning experience and is the true spirit of providing hands-on learning experiences to children. 👀👂🏻👅🤚🏻👃🏻✨‘Sense Booth Activity’ was organized on 15th April'23 for the children of UKG.🥳 The set up incorporated activities to stimulate all the five senses, which are Sense of Sight, 👀Sense of Smell,👃🏻 Sense of Hearing,👂🏻 Sense of Taste 👅and Sense of Touch,🤚🏻 where children got an opportunity to play, learn and discover in a way that is exciting, hands-on and developmentally appropriate! ğŸŽŠğŸ‘ğŸ»   âœ¨They enriched themselves by observing different displaysğŸŽŠ using their different senses. 👀👂🏻👃🏻👅🤚🏻They saw a variety of visual aids.😁 This hands-on experience was made easier than ever because each booth was packed with props gave learners an opportunity for concrete learning of each sense organ. ğŸ¥³âœ¨ğŸŽŠ âœ¨The children definitely had a “sensational” experience!!!😄

Numbers are cool*🤘🏻

Little munchkins😊 of LKG were  overjoyed performing *Dicey Numbers* activity in which they made use of a big dice ğŸŽ². With great pleasure they counted the numbers 8️⃣9️⃣in sequence and then did a lot of jumping activity. 🏃🏼‍♀️

 It was full of  surprise moments🤩 . The kids were very curious as they guessed and predicted  numbers they were going to get. 

It was a joyful activity for our future Mathematicians 👫